COVID -19 Sailing Protocol

General Guidelines


Vaccine Requirement

As of September 13, 2021, we require all passengers and crew to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19.  To provide proof of vaccination and confirm your booking, please send a photo, screenshot or photocopy of your vaccination card/record to and reference your sailing date.

  • For Canadian passengers outside of BC, this can be your Provincially/territorially officially recognized vaccine record.
  • For our US and International passengers, please send the proof of vaccination you will be using to enter Canada.


  • Masks are not mandatory at this time; however, we support any who choose to wear one.

Gloves/hand washing

  • All passengers and guests must wash their hands before sitting down for meals as well as regular washing throughout the day
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided in all staterooms and other areas of the vessel
  • It is not mandatory for gloves to be worn by passengers provided that regular hand washing is kept up.

Environmental Cleaning


General Cleaning Measures

  • Staff will be trained on the routine cleaning and sanitizing procedures for high touch surfaces, as well as laundry/linen handling procedures.
  • Daily cleaning and disinfection of all common areas and surfaces.
  • High-touch areas, such as toilets, tables, chairs and door handles, will be disinfected twice daily with an agent effective against coronavirus.


  • Crew will only enter the passenger staterooms for the regular service of the washrooms and will only provide other “housekeeping” services in exceptional circumstances.
  • Fresh towels and other items will be made available upon request.

Food and Beverage Services


Hygienic and safe food and beverage services are maintained by following routine guidance in the Food Safety Act and the Food Premises Regulation.

  • The galley will be off limits to all passengers and unauthorized crew.
  • The canned beverages in the fridge will remain accessible; however, it is requested that passengers use hand sanitizer prior to opening the fridge and making their selection
  • The water cooler/dispenser will be removed from the dinning lounge and individual bottled water will be available in the fridge.
  • Wine will continue to be served with dinner; however, it will be served by the glass rather than placing bottles on the table.
  • Pre-packaged snacks (prepared by the galley crew) will be available in the dining lounge throughout the day.

Washrooms & Showers

  • Each stateroom has its own ensuite washroom with a shower, sink and toilet.
  • Our steward will clean the washrooms once a day.
  • The crew washroom and shower is off limits to passengers.

New Configuration/what areas are accessible to passengers?


The Wheelhouse/Bridge Level

  • There will be no a limit of 2 passengers at a time in the wheelhouse.
  • The outside viewing decks will remain available for all passengers.

The Dinning and Galley level

  • The dinning lounge is accessible by all passengers and crew

Accommodations Level

  • The accommodations level remains exclusively for the passengers.
  • With the exceptions:
    • The Chef’s room and washroom
    • The Steward when completing cleaning duties.
  • Crew will not enter the passenger staterooms for regular service and will only provide “housekeeping” services in exceptional circumstances.


  • The staircases on the Aurora are narrow and will require extra caution by passengers to allow for single use.
  • Please allow appropriate social distance for passengers and crew to pass while waiting for your turn to use the stairs.

Engine Room

  • Tours of the engine room will be offered 1 passenger at a time.

A Guest or Staff in Self-Isolation

Should a passenger or crew member fall ill while sailing, they will be placed in self-isolation in an empty stateroom. They will then be removed from the ship at the first opportunity that will allow them to safely return to the Campbell River Marine Terminal.


Guests in Self-Isolation

  • Alternate means of assisting guests in isolation will be used, such as leaving meals, fresh linens, toiletries, and other supplies outside the door during the period of isolation.
  • Crew will NOT enter a room to deliver or pick up food trays for people who are in self-isolation. Deliver and pick up food trays from outside their door.